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Microbrew Software - Commercial Grade Free Software

Microbrew Linux


Microbrew Linux is intended to be a commercial class distribution, intended for system administrators who want a low-maintenance, secure-out-of-the-box Linux distribution.

Ease of Use

The core of the distribution is the package format. Microbrew Linux's packages are intended to be installed with our specially-designed packager, but can easily be installed without. Installing a package can be as simple as invoking the packager with a single argument to specify automatic download and installation of a predetermined, automatically generated set of packages. At the most complex, the administrator manually downloads a package, and then either unpacks it theirself or invokes the packager to do a complete installation.

Ease of Administration

Microbrew Linux is intended to help the administrator without getting in their way. Any Microbrew Linux system can automatically get updates to installed packages, and can detect newly installed applications that were built from source or installed by means other than the system package management system. This allows automatic dependency detection and provides a much lower-maintenance system.


Every installed package (or autodetected package) is stored in a human-readable package database, and is signed with a key known only to the system administrator. Any changes are flagged and brought to the attention of the administrator, and all binaries and configuration files (as well as the signatures) can be verified at any moment.