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Microbrew Software is committed to providing commercial grade software released freely under the GPL.

Microbrew Tools
In addition to the Commercial Grade Software that Microbrew develops, we also provide a set of tools to make systems administration easier. While these tools do not have the strict standards which the product line has, they are still intended to be high quality software.
Quick Look
Message Center 0.1.2
MicroSieve (EOL Notice) 0.7.0
MD5sum / SHA1sum / RIPEMD160sum 0.9.5
12/06/06 - md5sha1sum 0.9.5 is released. This release fixes a bug which would cause incorrect output.
12/05/06 - md5sha1sum 0.9.4 is released. Fixes for OS X 10.4 and GCC 4.0 are the main reasons for the release.
08/03/04 - md5sha1sum 0.9.2 is released. It now compiles on Mac OS X and has a couple of new features.
08/02/04 - Microbrew releases the first of its tool series. It is a replacement for GNU's md5sum. It also provides sha1sum and ripemd160sum. Take a look at md5sha1sum 0.9.1.
12/04/02 - Much improved security is featured in the 0.1.2 Alpha release of Microbrew Message Center.
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