End of Life Notice for MicroSieve

January 29, 2004

This is notification that the Microbrew USENET spam filtering product MicroSieve is reaching End of Life (EOL) on March 31, 2004.

Beginning on March 31, 2004 Microbrew will not be providing any bug fixes or feature updates to Microsieve. All Microbrew public support for the program will also be discontinued on that date. All downloads of the program should be done by that date as we do not guarantee that the source code will be available after the EOL process.

Commercial support will still be available from Fortian Inc. They will be accepting new contracts for MicroSieve until September 30, 2004 and will renew contracts as long as there is a demand for it. All bug fixes to the code will only be available through them to contract holders.

Thank you for using MicroSieve and an additional thank you to all those who have done extensive testing and those who have suggested features. We apologize that there was not a 1.0.0 stable release for the product as the product did not achieve the qualifications required for Microbrew standards.

Please send questions about the EOL process to the author of the software.