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Microbrew Message Center

Latest is: 0.1.2 Alpha


Microbrew Message Center is being developed to be an open-source GPL'd multi-domain mail server system akin to iPlanet Messaging Server and post.office. The design allows for an indefinite number of domains and users to be added to the system just by adding one machine as necessary.

Open Source Philosophy

Microbrew Message Center, unlike many competing commercial products, is designed around a set of tools that systems administrators know and use. The administration and configuration interfaces are scripts written in PHP4 and run on Apache and is backed by a powerful MySQL database. Mail delivery is done by the popular sendmail and procmail packages and POP service is supplied by a modified version of the incredibly secure popa3d. Microbrew Message Center ties them all together and you have the ultimate Open Source mail platform.

Ease of Administration

The design of Microbrew Message Center makes it easy for systems administrators to maintain, but the user configuration interface is designed to make everybody's life easier. The design of the user interface consists of a four tier system: The system adminstrators add MMC administrators. In turn they add domains and their administrators. The domain administrator can then add users and mailing lists for their domain. And finally the end user can log in themselves to change passwords and access webmail. This layout is intended to allow everybody involved in the system maintain a small portion of the whole and thus have to spend less time relying on others to get changes made.


As with all of our products we supply complete up to the date documentation for use and administration. Support will be available from the web site using our forums and as development continues we will make 8x5 (and later 24x7) telephone support available.

Platform Availability

Microbrew Message Center is developed on Linux 2.4.x (i386) and also works on SPARC Solaris 7/8. The design should allow for the system to run in a heterogenous environment of supported platforms. Warning: include(/usr/local/sites/.microbrew.org/footer2.inc): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/local/sites/microbrew.org/htdocs/products/mmc/index.php on line 55 Warning: include(): Failed opening '/usr/local/sites/.microbrew.org/footer2.inc' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib64/php') in /usr/local/sites/microbrew.org/htdocs/products/mmc/index.php on line 55