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Microbrew HPND

Latest is: Pre-alpha


HPND is a high performance nameservice daemon. It is intended for use by large-capacity nameservers, such as those run by low-tiered ISPs, and top or second level domain servers, as either an authoritative or a recursive server. (Support for both recursion and authority in the same process is present but is deprecated for field use.) As with all Microbrew products, this software is released under the GNU General Public License.

Platform Availability

HPND is developed upon both x86 Linux and SPARC Solaris, and is targetted towards both platforms. The suggested deployment platform is Solaris, for OS stability reasons, although HPND's stability under Linux is just as much of a priority.


Benefitting from a thought to be unique hash-and-tree based storage system for resource records, as well as a multithreaded engine, HPND is in the same generation as PowerDNS and BIND 9, and is also an entirely seperate codebase from other existing nameservice implementations. It is 100% compatible with BIND-style zone files (as defined in RFC 1035), and the configuration file is intended to be reminiscent of both BIND 8 and (to a lesser extent) IOS.

Although there is substantial overlap in the design goals of HPND and both PowerDNS and BIND 9, it is important to note that there is no external code in HPND beyond API support for the public <arpa/nameser.h> header file.

It is not expected that HPND will fit any size organization; generally, caches and authorities that serve tens or hundreds of queries per second are expected to benefit most from HPND. HPND is intended to provide further genetic diversity to the field of high-capacity nameservice.

Currently, HPND is still in serious development. Support for recursion exists in the codebase, as well as the simpler case of authority. Once the recursion interface stabilizes, a public release will be made. Microbrew Software is committed to Freely releasing high quality products.

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